Oświetlenie marka BuzziBuzzi


The Buzzi & Buzzi brand is a history that combines technology and design. This symbiosis is an example of how an investment in research and the will to develop results in the production of innovative materials and the latest lighting technology.

From the very beginning, the company focuses on cooperation with renowned designers who boldly implement their unique concepts that characterize the brand. Buzzi & Buzzi is a 100% product made in Italy, from design concept to production, all to ensure the highest quality, safety and guarantee for its customers.





PLH A brand of unique switches

The Epic Slr brand was born in 2006. It creates switches that work with both wired and wireless devices. The uniqueness of the product consists of rich design, the highest quality materials and individualism.


Marka oświetlenia dekoracyjnego Catellani&Smith


Catellani&Smith is a unique decorative lighting

Products made by hand in the Italian Bergamo are craftsmanship and exceptional attention to even the smallest detail. Catellani & amp; Smith products define the shape of the light, creating a unique atmosphere.

“When I create lamps, I always start with a prototype in my workshop, where I constantly gather materials, elements and objects of all kinds – this is where everything is born … I assemble, weld, bend, shape … And I have to feel the material to see it play with light.“

Enzo Catellani

Please contact us:
Arkadiusz Olszanka
Brand Manager Catellani&Smith

tel. kom. +48 517-010-129



Platek is a high-quality outdoor lighting . A wide range of products allows you to choose the right luminaires, from surface-mounted, through recessed, wall lamps, etc.

PLATEK is part of the DONATI group, which has over 40 years of experience in aluminum casting, die casting die production and office furniture components.

Such experience within the DONATI Group allows the Platek brand to comprehensively design, build and test their products without the need to use the help of other companies.

The most obvious benefits of such synergy are the high mechanical quality of Platek products, the reduction of the time needed to design and manufacture new products, and the excellent price-performance ratio.

Verde Profilo

Verde Profilo designs and implements vertical gardens, vertical gardens in public spaces and private projects. The offer consists of two systems:

– MOSSwall® (moss) is an innovative system for the implementation of internal gardens without the need for their maintenance. The patented Verde Profilo® system allows you to quickly create a natural wall in many different colors.

– Vertical Gardening will add a new dimension to indoor and outdoor space, at home, in the office, restaurant or shop: you only need a blank wall to transform your surroundings into something extremely relaxing, creative and impressive.



The Esse-ci company has been designing and producing interior lighting since 1984, treating light as a factor that can support the development of its clients’ business.

It offers a full range of interior architectural solutions, with an emphasis on continuous light lines to meet the specific needs of the service world: from offices to all kinds of shops, from large retail channels to large public and private infrastructures such as: schools, hospitals, museums, shops.




Zafferano – a variety of Italian style

The wide range of Zafferano products allows you to use the brand in many lighting projects. From atmospheric restaurant interiors to lighting for SPAs or hotel spaces. These products are also great for decorative finishing of private residences and gardens. The possibility of personalizing Zafferano products allows you to adjust the lighting to the interior, but also to the designer’s intention.

The product portfolio includes table lamps, floor lamps, wall luminaires, ceiling and suspended luminaires.

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